The Day It Didn’t Rain…

Today has been everything that you equate with a rainy day.  It’s dark, it’s cold, and it’s downright gloomy and depressing looking outside.  I took a walk, but it wasn’t like the “Oh My God, I can’t wait to get out and just wander around in the sunshine,” kind of walk of the last week or so.  It was more like the, “I better do something that’s considered exercise,” sort of walk.  But I did also blog today, this being the third post I’ve done.  So it’s not like today was a loss.  But, it was hard to get started on stuff today, or to really want to be anything other than a couch potato.  Is it still not raining?  You bet.  But it’s still gross out as we come closer to nightfall.  In Mary’s words, “It’s stupid out.”  But that’s fine, because it’s not all that stupid inside right now, with some Pixies playing on ITunes, and me tap tap tapping away on this keyboard on my new computer.  It’s a glorious day you could say.  But, I’d go out on a limb and suggest that it’s just an average day. But all things are relative as they say, and whether or not we do something amazing and incredible every single day, the adventure is life itself.  Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

I insist.


Prince Is Dead

And that makes me sad.  To lose Prince and Bowie in the same year should be against the laws of the world.  But who’s to say it was their times or not.  The universe must have a reason I guess. But maybe we can remember Prince, for his endless talent, and super awesome music, but if not fans, to embrace that which is most important to us, those things that drive us, those things that really get us moving and grooving, and put just as much soul into it, as people like him put into their music, and maybe, just maybe, more of us will be happier people for it. Maybe we will better realize our full potentials.  But remember whatever you think, that anyone who dies at their height, or dies doing what they love, has truly lived a full and fulfilling life, whether they were taken from this plane too soon or not.  Never forget.

The song by Prince, “I Will Die For You,” was oddly enough, stuck in my head for the entire week leading up to the fall of our beloved Purple icon.  Was it premonition, or just appreciation for an amazing song that was older than me?  One may never know the answer to this, just like we may never know the answer to some of the questions I’ve already asked in this post, and in some prior to this.  But all I know is this.  We will never forget someone if we even only somewhat liked what they created for our use.