Swamp Monsters

It’s our new song, it’s got a nice minimalist vibe to it..

The song is about Swamp Monsters and their rise to power. The song is about being ready to overcome overwhelming odds, and about using your voice as your weapon.


It’s Mary’s birthday…

So we are going out into the world to seek some free food from the good folks at Denny’s.  That’s pretty rad if I dare say it.  And who knows what else?  It may be raining, on this rainy Monday, but it’s all good.  It’s her flipping birthday, and I will be Gosh Darned if we don’t give her a goodass day!  Am I right?  I mean, seriously.  Am I right or Am I right?  I’m right as rain, you best believe.  Which reminds me of this amazing song.

Sing it!

You could also do this with the rain…

This song is just great too!

Record Store DAY!

Saturday was Record Store Day, and it is a day I always have fun going to the Record Store, regardless of if I want to get, or can afford to get any of the special items sold exclusively for this event.  In the past, I have always made a purchase on record store, but have only ever once bought a record store day exclusive, which was at least a few years ago when I bought a limited edition green vinyl of a Sigur Ros album.  And who wouldn’t splurge for Sigur Ros?  Don’t answer that, I know a lot of people wouldn’t.  But it’s the ultimate ambient chill out music, and it’s oh so pretty, and it helps to soothe and to focus, to equally amp up and mellow out.  That’s what I call good music.  But this year, I found myself really interested in a lot of the exclusives, but instead I just bought Sturgill Simpson’s new album, “A Sailor’s Guide to Earth,” on some exquisite blue vinyl.  Simpson is an amazing traditional country styled vocalist, who seamlessly blends classic R and B sounds, country and western of the traditional and modern sorts, and lots of fun instrumentation and a generous use of ambient noise.  The new album is brilliant, it’s beautiful, sad, happy, and all around fun, it also includes to most pleasant sounding Nirvana cover you could ever imagine of “In Bloom,”  I urge you to go check it out.

I’m starting to find more time..

I’m getting better at my time management it would seem.  I’m finally managing to squeeze in meaningful and beneficial things between my working hours.  Whether it be my blogs, checking out employment, giving my girlfriend encouragement in her own job searching, jamming out to some good tunes, reading, or taking a walk.  I’m feeling more relaxed, more at peace, more myself, and less a ball of stress, or an anxious mess.  I’m here telling you this, because I think if the quality of my life is improving, and my time management skills are improving, then my blogs will also improve.  But you dear reader, if you have been following me at all, I feel like you will read it regardless. It’s rainy and gross, but I’m not down.  I have my new computer my good tunes, and a regained sense of equilibrium and it’s great if you ask me.  Today’s blogs brought to you by the sounds of Sia.

Bottoms Up!

Spring Cleaning? What’s That?

I mean seriously guys, if I had time to do actual cleaning it would be nice.  Spring Cleaning is just cleaning in general, with the word spring in front of it.  And as tame as Winter was, it’s not like we have been huddled up in blankets for months on end.  The entirety of October and November was colder than the whole of January and February.  But all things considered, we moved in on November 1st and still aren’t unpacked all the way, so there’s Spring Cleaning for you.  It’s called Cleaning, plain and simple…