Swamp Monsters

It’s our new song, it’s got a nice minimalist vibe to it..

The song is about Swamp Monsters and their rise to power. The song is about being ready to overcome overwhelming odds, and about using your voice as your weapon.


I’ve Been Back At Work For A Couple Weeks NOW, and let me tell you..

I feel better than I have in months, and not just in the last month where I was suffering with my horrible and larger than it needed to be kidney stone.  That thing had to be lodged up there for a long time if you ask me.  My body acts more like it should, and not only that seems to run better.  I have more drive, more energy, more creative impulses than I’ve had in a while, so brace yourself for amazing things in store.

Kidney Stones Are Uncool

Believe me, I’m not an intolerant or prejudiced person by any means, but Kidney Stones are horrible horrible things.  And they deserve to not be inside anyone’s bodies.  I had a bout with them a few weeks ago, and let’s just say I was in a great amount of discomfort and full of bad feelings at the world for a couple weeks.   The first week was full of excruciating pain, drugged out stupor, lots and lots of movies, peeing a lot, drinking a lot of water, peeing even more, reading entire books in a day and sleeping.  While some of those are great things, some of those aren’t great things. And I missed seeing Dirty Heads and Sublime With Rome, which I bought the second the concert lineup was announced, months and months ago.  Oh well, better to be able to move around and be awesome again, than to not be right?  Missing a concert four hours away is really the best case scenario in all of this.  The stone couldn’t pass on its own, long story short, they had to stick something inside me and do some sort of business with a laser, I really don’t want to know more than I have to.  But to add insult to horrible pain, I had something inserted in my urethra, and getting that removed a week after my stone was removed, is an experience I don’t wish on anyone, not to mention one of the most embarrassing things ever.

Oh and another thing, who goes to med school and says, “I think I’ll focus on urology!” ?

The answer is, my urologist I guess….

Boston Calling Day 2

So Saturday, still high off of the fumes of the amazingness that was Sia’s performance, we set  out for  City Hall Plaza for a jam packed day of even more musical fun.  We arrived just as Christine and The Queens were finishing their set, but what little we did see was astounding.  She truly knows how to command the stage, and the coreographed dancing was flawless.  The fact that everybody was wearing the same outfit also added to the spectacle.  And everyone cheered at her pronouncement that “Everyone should be allowed to be whoever they feel like being or who they believe they are.”  A positive message, an energetic set, and an overabundance for love of all the attendees at Boston Calling really made this a good way to start the day.

A brief detour was made to the new comedy tent, where we saw the amazing Lamont Price, who shared thoughts on how much it sucked to be a kid without a Nintendo.  It was insightful, nostalgic, and hilarious.  We also got to see the very funny Kelly Mcfarland.  The best thing about these two comedians was just how natural they were with their delivery, and were genuinely funny without resorting to gimmicks.

Borns blew me away with their Electric Love, and the lead singers incredible ability to wear woman’s clothing better than a lot of women.  Bravo to you sir.  It was retro, it was fresh, and it was crazy fun.  The energy of the crowd was terrific, and the band was tight. Their command of the stage and their ability to work the crowd added them to the list of bands to expect great things from, and added to a great list of Boston Calling memorable performances.  City and Colour was stellar, and really brought so much emotion and feeling to his set, that even waiting in front of the Blue stage during his set, it never felt for a second that we were really missing anything.

And then came the time for Miike Snow, and his brilliant blend of Indie Rock, R and B, EDM, and many other things.  He was very funny, and very lively for someone just getting over bronchitis.  I guess his ever present tea cup really paid off, because his vocals never faltered for a second, and neither did his terrific stage presence.  I found myself hanging on every word, dancing up a storm to every tune, and yelling my head off singing along to the lovely song Animal, which I remember fondly from every basement college party I ever attended.

It being so hot, I didn’t really pay nearly as much attention as I had wanted to on Odesza and Robyn, not to mention that we were super excited for a few of the Sunday artists, but what little we stuck around for of Robyn was pretty good as well, including her one-legged  pants.





8 Days Till Boston Calling!!

I’m beyond psyched that it is so near.  Sia is gonna be breathtakingly amazing I’m sure.City and Colour’s new album has blown me away with amazingness, and I was pumped to see them already.  Borns, and their “Electric Love,” will surely light up the stage. I am interested to see what Disclosure does for a live set, whether it will be an all out dance party, an actual band, how they play the songs featuring all their guest artists that truly drive their music?  So many questions, answers will appear soon won’t they?   And of course Boston Calling wouldn’t be complete without a super fun crass and irreverent band like the time we saw Fidlar last year.  So I am super stoked to see The Front Bottoms.

Burn The Witch

Radiohead’s new song came out a day after they all but vanished from the internet, and it did not disappoint.  Of course it didn’t. This is Radiohead.  It has a lot of the disconnected vibes as found in King of Limbs, but it’s definitely more like a song that belongs on one of their earlier albums, but nothing pre Kid A.

I love that it’s a bit more rock oriented from recent offerings, but I also like that it’s chock full of ambient noise, and the cryptic lyrics scream radiohead through and through.  The sweeping strings, the drum beats, and Thom Yorke’s free-wheeling vocals flying up to the heavens, really make this a solid first single from their new album.  It won’t be long now till the album arrives….

The Day That It Rained…

“It’s stupid out again,” Mary said this morning as she rubbed the sleep from her eyes.  Of course I agreed.  It did look stupid out.  It looked a lot like yesterday, but today it actually was raining.  So today was a legit raining rainy day, unlike yesterday, the rainy day that coulda, woulda, shoulda been.  And seeing as I’m not usually off on Monday, today felt like a Monday, simply because it was stupid out. But what was really stupid to me?  It’s the end of April, and I realized, that we really haven’t had all that much in the way of April showers, besides a few real downpours scattered here and there.  What was also stupid was that, it was only 30 something degrees. I mean, seriously, what the fuck is going on here?  I had work, so I could care less on a day of work, what it’s like outside, but still, it doesn’t always help my mood, if it’s a day that looks best spent, curled in a ball on the couch, with a book or the tv on.  But anyways, that’s really all I have to say about that. But enjoy some rainy day music…


I know it’s tuesday, but..

And of Course, given what has just happened..


The Day It Didn’t Rain…

Today has been everything that you equate with a rainy day.  It’s dark, it’s cold, and it’s downright gloomy and depressing looking outside.  I took a walk, but it wasn’t like the “Oh My God, I can’t wait to get out and just wander around in the sunshine,” kind of walk of the last week or so.  It was more like the, “I better do something that’s considered exercise,” sort of walk.  But I did also blog today, this being the third post I’ve done.  So it’s not like today was a loss.  But, it was hard to get started on stuff today, or to really want to be anything other than a couch potato.  Is it still not raining?  You bet.  But it’s still gross out as we come closer to nightfall.  In Mary’s words, “It’s stupid out.”  But that’s fine, because it’s not all that stupid inside right now, with some Pixies playing on ITunes, and me tap tap tapping away on this keyboard on my new computer.  It’s a glorious day you could say.  But, I’d go out on a limb and suggest that it’s just an average day. But all things are relative as they say, and whether or not we do something amazing and incredible every single day, the adventure is life itself.  Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

I insist.

I’m starting to find more time..

I’m getting better at my time management it would seem.  I’m finally managing to squeeze in meaningful and beneficial things between my working hours.  Whether it be my blogs, checking out employment, giving my girlfriend encouragement in her own job searching, jamming out to some good tunes, reading, or taking a walk.  I’m feeling more relaxed, more at peace, more myself, and less a ball of stress, or an anxious mess.  I’m here telling you this, because I think if the quality of my life is improving, and my time management skills are improving, then my blogs will also improve.  But you dear reader, if you have been following me at all, I feel like you will read it regardless. It’s rainy and gross, but I’m not down.  I have my new computer my good tunes, and a regained sense of equilibrium and it’s great if you ask me.  Today’s blogs brought to you by the sounds of Sia.

Bottoms Up!

Marching On..

March has “leaped” out from under a day that only exists once every four years, and to turn the old cliche, has certainly come in like a lion, but sort of a lamb-ish lion.  From a totally calm night, out of nowhere we were struck with gale force winds, which caused much creaking in the old house where our apartment is located.  A restless night to say the least, but come morning, a beautiful, calm, clear day awaited us.  Given I didn’t do a whole lot today, it wouldn’t have really mattered what kind of day we were faced with, but this month has been begun by a lamb in lion’s clothing as far as I can tell, plus the unseasonable weather, that is the new normal.  Because climate change is alive and well and can not any longer be ignored, reason enough to choose your Super Tuesday vote wisely.  This is the most important election of the modern age, and businessmen, bigotry and all this talk of building walls, and climate change deniers will no longer be tolerated, in a race for one of the most important jobs in the land.  The fate of the world rests in all our hands, all of them.  I mean, I think Leonardo Dicaprio summed it up pretty nicely in his Oscar speech the other day.

And speaking of Oscars, who else thought The Martian was totally snubbed, not to mention  amazing pictures like Star Wars? And Mad Max winning one award?  Sure. But four or five?  No.  I’ve never seen it so I might change my tune when I get around to seeing it, but probably not.  And movies worth your attention should include the new biopic of true Olympic underdog Eddie Edwards, “Eddie The Eagle” starring Taron Edgerton, who delivers a performance just as perfect as his performance in Kingsman, two very different movies, very different characters, and one very talented young Brit.  Keep your eyes on this one.  One day let’s hope he wins all the awards.

One final note on climate change, please stop acting all surprised when the weather is “weird.”  It’s the new normal guys, and we can no longer afford to be apathetic about it.  Sure we can’t prevent it, and it may even be too late to slow some of the effects down, but if we all do our part, we can at the very least live with our consequences.  But let us never lose hope, and don’t think we can just ignore it and have it fix itself, because  it won’t.  And let’s keep lobbying companies and corporations to make everything less disposable, and let’s reuse reuse reuse, whenever possible.  Composting, recycling, reading, researching, listening, paying attention, and generally caring for other living things will all be valid contributions to the fight for our world, and for our and it’s future.  it really is a beautiful place after all.


We will March Forward with our hearts in our hands, our eyes on the skies, and our ears turned toward the concerns of each other.  Oh and as an afterthought:  Donald Trump, you are FIRED!