Break Time Calls

Corny or not my highlight of the day, any day, is when she either calls me on her break, or I call her on mine. My job sucks a bit, and her job is rewarding, and allows for really cute anecdotes of the world of taking care of tiny children. It isn’t without difficulties surely, but it is rewarding. The most rewarding thing about my job is really just a customer that gives more than just a little bit of a shit about me and what I am doing for them. But it’s all relative. I always find an annoying coworker or a weird person in the mall, or my boss to tell a weird story about. Otherwise it’s mostly snuggly fluffy butterflies. And that is more than enough. When we’re younger we seem to want so much stuff that we just miss the really simple things that we truly want, which are always just right under our noses. But as they say, that’s life. But nothing is really complicated as it seems, or as the powers that be want us to believe it is, and at the end of the day love wins, actual, simple, unconditional, lovely, love.


My Girlfriend Is Still, Still, Awesome

Her birthday is coming up, and we usually have a bit more time/money to do things.  And she did something truly amazing for my birthday, which she wouldn’t have done if she knew what was to come in the months following, so I put this out here:  In lieu of a present this year, if you feel so inclined, if you give a single dollar to her campaign, she and I will get you back somehow in your hour of need.  We are good people like that.

Birthday Wishes?

My girlfriend is awesome…

Proof that the one percent needs to reevaluate their existence.

Hey gang, if you read this, which I don’t know if you do or not, but you should, I have a lot of fun, and I have even more fun when I share my bloggy thoughts with others, my girlfriend lost her job recently, out of no choice of her own, simply because a rich person decided he could just stop paying his employees.  But here’s the thing, he’s also under the law given more protection than those who are missing their wages.  So just check this out, she wouldn’t be asking for help if she didn’t need it.