I’ve Been Back At Work For A Couple Weeks NOW, and let me tell you..

I feel better than I have in months, and not just in the last month where I was suffering with my horrible and larger than it needed to be kidney stone.  That thing had to be lodged up there for a long time if you ask me.  My body acts more like it should, and not only that seems to run better.  I have more drive, more energy, more creative impulses than I’ve had in a while, so brace yourself for amazing things in store.


Radiohead is Missing..

So  Radiohead has apparently vanished off the face of the internet.  Their website is gone, their facebook, twitter,etc. is all gone.  But here’s the thing:  Radiohead hasn’t truly vanished from the face of the internet, they have overloaded it.  By vanishing from the internet, they are now everywhere on the internet.  So everybody is now paying attention, those excited about their new album, and those who don’t give much of a shite at all.

Thom Yorke is an enigma even when his band exists on social media, what with coming up with new ways of releasing albums, unexpected albums, and unexpected sonic experiments.  Johnny Greenwood was quoted a number of months ago now as saying that the band was done recording for their new album, and the internet grabbed the words, twisted them up and announced:  Radiohead has finished their album.  Johnny came back at them and said:  “We are done recording, but that doesn’t mean the album is finished.”  I’m paraphrasing here, but I think you get the gist.  Whatever they do will be amazing, and whenever they do it, even if we are looking for it we will be caught unawares.

Right now, I’m enjoying the rain with one of the best rainy day albums that has ever existed: Amnesiac.  I love how different all of their albums are from each other.  Even at their poppiest, and least experimental, they have always been innovators, always defiers of convention.  I would go as far as to say, that they are and always be one of the greatest rock bands, even when they veer into unforeseen weirdness.  They do it for the music more than for the money, more than for the recognition, or to appease executives.

The thing about Radiohead is this:  forward motion and constant change.  That’s how a band exists for 20 plus years.  They are such musical chameleons, and that alone makes them impossible to forget, impossible to get sick of.  But where are they?  We’ll see soon, won’t we?


I’m starting to find more time..

I’m getting better at my time management it would seem.  I’m finally managing to squeeze in meaningful and beneficial things between my working hours.  Whether it be my blogs, checking out employment, giving my girlfriend encouragement in her own job searching, jamming out to some good tunes, reading, or taking a walk.  I’m feeling more relaxed, more at peace, more myself, and less a ball of stress, or an anxious mess.  I’m here telling you this, because I think if the quality of my life is improving, and my time management skills are improving, then my blogs will also improve.  But you dear reader, if you have been following me at all, I feel like you will read it regardless. It’s rainy and gross, but I’m not down.  I have my new computer my good tunes, and a regained sense of equilibrium and it’s great if you ask me.  Today’s blogs brought to you by the sounds of Sia.

Bottoms Up!

Marching On..

March has “leaped” out from under a day that only exists once every four years, and to turn the old cliche, has certainly come in like a lion, but sort of a lamb-ish lion.  From a totally calm night, out of nowhere we were struck with gale force winds, which caused much creaking in the old house where our apartment is located.  A restless night to say the least, but come morning, a beautiful, calm, clear day awaited us.  Given I didn’t do a whole lot today, it wouldn’t have really mattered what kind of day we were faced with, but this month has been begun by a lamb in lion’s clothing as far as I can tell, plus the unseasonable weather, that is the new normal.  Because climate change is alive and well and can not any longer be ignored, reason enough to choose your Super Tuesday vote wisely.  This is the most important election of the modern age, and businessmen, bigotry and all this talk of building walls, and climate change deniers will no longer be tolerated, in a race for one of the most important jobs in the land.  The fate of the world rests in all our hands, all of them.  I mean, I think Leonardo Dicaprio summed it up pretty nicely in his Oscar speech the other day.

And speaking of Oscars, who else thought The Martian was totally snubbed, not to mention  amazing pictures like Star Wars? And Mad Max winning one award?  Sure. But four or five?  No.  I’ve never seen it so I might change my tune when I get around to seeing it, but probably not.  And movies worth your attention should include the new biopic of true Olympic underdog Eddie Edwards, “Eddie The Eagle” starring Taron Edgerton, who delivers a performance just as perfect as his performance in Kingsman, two very different movies, very different characters, and one very talented young Brit.  Keep your eyes on this one.  One day let’s hope he wins all the awards.

One final note on climate change, please stop acting all surprised when the weather is “weird.”  It’s the new normal guys, and we can no longer afford to be apathetic about it.  Sure we can’t prevent it, and it may even be too late to slow some of the effects down, but if we all do our part, we can at the very least live with our consequences.  But let us never lose hope, and don’t think we can just ignore it and have it fix itself, because  it won’t.  And let’s keep lobbying companies and corporations to make everything less disposable, and let’s reuse reuse reuse, whenever possible.  Composting, recycling, reading, researching, listening, paying attention, and generally caring for other living things will all be valid contributions to the fight for our world, and for our and it’s future.  it really is a beautiful place after all.


We will March Forward with our hearts in our hands, our eyes on the skies, and our ears turned toward the concerns of each other.  Oh and as an afterthought:  Donald Trump, you are FIRED!

Someone posted

an amazing picture on the internet today of a person holding a picket sign bearing the words:  “Trump is a Nickelback fan,” I’d say it would be enough to encourage his voters to reconsider, but seeing as all five of them are probably the remaining fans of said band it’s hard to tell.  But then again, I think they might be Canadian, and Trump supporters hate Canadians because Ted Cruz is Canadian himself. Oops.  Btw Canada is an amazing place full of great, friendly people, clean air, lots of trees, and at least a few people that speak French.  Visit it, you’ll be glad you did.