I’ve Been Quiet, I know..

I’ve been quiet on here, if anyone might have noticed. But all this hoopla leading to the election, the election itself, the filling of the swamp that was apparently gettting drained, the electoral college and their dumb vote which keeps us from true democracy, Christmas, and being with the ones we love. I just wanted to live peacefully for a bit before the shit started to hit the fan. And Christmas is such a lovely time to spend with loved ones. Unless you are Donald Trump and get visited from three “rude” ghosts, one of which is probably really “yuuge.”  Just be glad 2016 saw such a great punk resurgence from some of the best punk bands that still exist.  The Pixies’ Head Carrier among them, can help us gear up for the fight of a lifetime.  Nazis and White Supremacists will soon inhabit the highest echelons of the American government, which is meant to be by the people, of the people and for the people.  I know the government has never been without its flaws, without its absurd protection of evil corporations as if they were individual people.

I’m sick of all the special snowflake nonsense that keeps floating around.  Our generation continually works their butts off to have their dreams slide down the waterfall and get dashed into pieces on the rocks again and again, without even mentioning the little amount of money that ever ever manages to find its way into our wallet. Sure, our modern world is full of unneeded expenses that previous generations didn’t have, like smartphones, unlimited internet access, social media mind traps, etc.  But the rise of the technology has not only helped make some people too numb to the world, but it has developed a dependence that was unforeseen.  Movies in the cloud, companies updating their info only on their fb pages, and needing the internet to get discovered as an artist anymore. It’s not fair certainly, but it does have its perks sometimes. If the masses can just get their heads out of their new asses known as snapchat for a few minutes, they will no longer be crippled by the technology that has developed a bizarre symbiosis with them.

Speaking of the music biz being the way it is, I will never stop buying records and CDs because the joy isn’t so readily available if I just download anything and everything. The thrill of opening a new cd, putting a newly acquired record under the needle, or the clicking noise a casette makes after it rewinds. The pop and the hiss, the electronic blips that CDs make, the hassle of respooling a messed up tape, beyondthe lyrics, or the sound of the vocals, or the unique sound of the instruments is really what makes listening to music and acquiring music a true joy.  Nobody savors a new single from a favorite band anymore, they just move onto the next new artist and leave it forgotten on the cutting room floor.  Not enough people buying albums or understanding the beauty of listening to it from the first to the last track. We need to increase our attention spans, grow our minds, become the person we have always been, instead of the person we don’t want to ever be just to get by.  Balance your work and your life, get back into music, listen to a new song daily, a favorite album daily, share a favorite band with someone daily. Give a complete stranger a mixtape, regardless of how they look at you.  Our art revolution is fun, and truly improves quality of life as well.

We aren’t robots, and we can’t afford to live in apathy right now.  So *gasp*, open a book, watch a movie more than ten years old, physically hold an album in your hand, do what you like and not what you don’t. Educate yourself against those who would take your rights away from you, so as not to willingly give them up. Learn about climate change, pay attention to the signs. Understand that fracking fracks up everyone’s drinking supply, it is poisoning our own well. Do your best to toss aside intolerant and discriminatory feelings. Empathy is key.  Put yourself in someone else’s shoes if it is the best way for you to see every side to a problem.

Let your voice be heard when you see injustice in all its forms. Don’t be led astray from your own deepest convictions. And if you have a dream, this is definitely the year you should seek it out.  These are the most uncertain times we have yet to experience, so let us experience it not with fear, which is a means to our control, but with hope, which is where true freedom is born….


My Girlfriend is Still Awesome

Update on my girlfriend’s fund campaign:  An anonymous donor appeared and made the first contribution to her cause, sending with their donation a message saying that us not of the 1% must make a stand in a show of solidarity with one another against such injustices made by the haves against the have nots.  Her story, and what happened to her are a perfect example of everything that is wrong with the system.  But the more of us willing to stand against such things will cement the truth of the matter.  We are winning, one way or another we are winning, against corporate greed, against partisan politics, against discrimination and intolerance wherever they lie.  There may be naysayers among us, people who choose to believe the system must stand simply because it has, unchecked for so long.  But I tell you my friends, it doesn’t have to, it never has to, be that way.  Rise up and let your voice be heard, in this year where it is more important than ever to keep our eyes and ears open to the truth.

And no pressure of course, but here is that link again…

Spring Has Sprung or Winter Returns..

As anyone living in New England may know, Winter sort of didn’t happen this year, well much.  But in our first days of Spring, we awaken to snow on the ground, like every 8 year old’s Christmas wish, but three months too late.  Oh well.  But like I said before, the weather is fucked up, even by New England standards, where we are used to the, to quote Garbage, ‘the queerest of the queer,”but it will only get weirder, brace yourselves.  But just be mindful of what you throw away, and become more aware of what we can reuse, reduce our carbon footprints as much as possible, which I know is easier said than done, especially if you live in a city like yours truly.  But if we all work together, things can get done.

Now for the fun part:  Spring is a time for new life, for rebirth, for birth, for bunnies, and chicks and coloring eggs, flowers, rain, the smell of grass, cool shit like that.  But Spring for me, is also about throwbacks, nostalgia, and such like things.  i was trolling spotify for my spring playlist, and lo and behold, my recommendations based on my listening history were some brilliant forgotten gems.  I have been doing a refresher on Weezer in anticipation of their new White Album.  Their colored self-titled albums are historically their best efforts, in my opinion anyway, not to snub all the others, though there is only one album I’m not overly fond of.  And seeing as these guys have been around the block a few times, though you can’t tell to look at Rivers Cuomo.  20 plus years since the blue album, so of course it would pull awesome nerd-rock icons from all over the place, like Harvey Danger’s Flagpole Sitta, or Stacy’s Mom, by Fountains of Wayne, not to mention one of my all time faves, Ben Folds, and even some Smashing Pumpkins.  Weezer is not really anyone’s contemporary, being one of the most consistent 20 plus year old bands, while other bands keep breaking up and getting back together for a surprise album, you almost always know what these guys are up to, and that’s great.  Keep it up guys, maybe I’ll be seeing you in July….