Newbury Comics..

in my town is closing.  I am beyond saddened by this news, but less saddened by the fact that the company isn’t disappearing.  Nowhere else in town can I get such fun weird kitschy crap, music, and comics.  And to a less extent movies.  At least for movies we still have Target, Best Buy, Walmart, etc. But that isn’t usually nearly as much fun as shopping here.  And of course, having great love for my independent record store/comic store, I am going to buy as much stuff as I possibly can from this location between now and closing.  As can be imagined we are currently inundated with all kinds of stuff because of this.  But a bargain is a bargain after all, especially on fun stuff and important things like music which is truly what moves us all. Support your local businesses always y’all.


Batman V. Superman Returns

And by that, I mean the title for the next movie in the series.  What the hell is this guy talking about?  You ask.  Well the answer is simple.  Remember that weirdass dream thing in the middle of the movie.  It was like a glimpse of either another world or another timeline.  So the next movie would end up being some time travel twist of a story, which would involve a redo of some of the events from this one.  I know it’s silly and crazy, but that is what comic books have always done best, so embrace it.  But without spoiling the end of this movie, I think something along these lines, would be best implemented to A. Display the extent of The Flash’s powers, since he is known to go back in time a lot in the comics as well as the current tv show, and B. To not have a vital character die so early on in the franchise, but C. The actual ending is sort of suspect anyways, and that’s all I feel allowed to say.