Stupor Wednesday!

Don’t waste your energy being upset or angry about Trump’s win.  The ignorance and hate that breeds such results should not be your worry.  I’m not surprised anymore, but the sad state of the GOP race is as follows:  Donald Trump is just about as bad as every other guy running for the grand old party, trying to score the nomination.  I honestly don’t know who I’d pick instead were I to waste my vote on their idiotic games and corporation rigged campaigns.  Spend your energy wondering how Bernie, the only really popular candidate in this race is being blocked by this very same money machine that seems to run everything.  Hilarity Clinton is getting all the delegates, and she can’t be trusted to do anything that she promises.  Talk about flip-floppers, she is currently the worst of them.  I mean Cruz, Rubio, Trump, Carson, etc. are all a joke, but as ill informed and horrible so man;y things they say are, and how unconstitutional all of their promises are, monstrous as they may be, we know exactly what they stand for.  That is the first step to securing a win for our first true bi-partisan leader. Have no fear, his grassroots campaign is far from done.  If you think he will step aside and leave it between Trump and Hil, you’ve got another thing coming.  He is not a democrat, he is not a republican.  In his long political career, he has always been a voice for the people and not the establishment.  So what if he doesn’t get the nom?  The game has changed, and his none-corporate run campaign has proven that.  So what if he’s old? he’s only got a few years on Hil and Trump and still very much in control of his faculties, which certainly can’t be said of his opponents.  If he doesn’t get the nom, whether or not he continues to run, if we vote for him, we will not be wasting our time, we will not be throwing our vote away.  The two party system will no longer stand, and this election is truly the final time we will see it implemented in such a way.  If you love America, and you truly want to make a difference, to let your voice be heard, shake up the establishment, write him in, write him in, write him in.  If a true third party can take it this far, and be taken this seriously, let’s take it all the way to the end.