War is Peace, Freedom Is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength..

We live in a land full of doublespeak, and alternative facts, but what we have in actuality is a president who can’t even use double speak or alternative facts properly.  Yes, there is no true proper way to do things the wrong way, but if you have noticed, whatever question he is asked, he answers it with a non-answer, or starts talking about something completely unrelated. Does he have a clue he is even doing this?  And also, this could be seen as less an evasion tactic as truly a show of what little he knows about anything. If he has no answer, or no conscious thought in relation to the question being asked, instead of saving face and claiming ignorance, or a lack of a real opinion he just opens his mouth and spews whatever happens to be in his head at the moment.

I also have another thought, and that is in relation to violence.  If you are scared of having your rights taken away, and pissed off at alt right asshats, that’s good, because we all should be.  But when we punch people who are spewing hate, but not actually perpetrating any violence with their own hands, their toxic viewpoints shift in the collective consciousness of the masses, and no matter how nonsensical they are, or how disgusting, depraved, and chaotic they may be, the masses will no longer view them with disdain or disgust, and thus your anti-authoritarian stance becomes something that just makes the evil stronger. Just saying. Please be careful, and stay safe out there comrades.


The Trouble with Blogs in 2017

I legit have nothing new to say, almost every day since Trump took his totally undeserved and unearned office.  The protests are amazing, the real gathering and uniting against a common enemy that America should be about at the best of times.  Trump has shown us the real America, by trying to divide us, he has brought us together, and brought the hate fueled race war mongering of his ilk to the forefront.  We are afraid, bur we can’t give in to the fear. The fear strengthens the hate, and helps him further cement his horrible policies.  But that isn’t something that hasn’t been said, as I mentioned before.

I share post after post after post on facebook about what is happening.  Never have I felt so well-informed, while never being so weary and sick about the latest event, or executive order, or Trump tantrum about tv ratings, but have to keep paying attention.  But I never have much to add in addition to what is already being said, and sometimes that shakes my confidence or just makes it hard to keep good things in my brain.  But I’m working on it, we are working on it, America is working on it.  Believe it or not, but we have to build a strong wall in our hearts in our minds, not on our borders, to ensure we will never be played the fool.

I know people who have always been casually racist, whether from naivete, lack of education, or any number of factors that I can’t pretend to be aware of.  People will always say things that upset or offend without meaning to, and people will act differently around certain cultural groups, simply from lack of interaction with them, and that is something a lot of these people are working on. Let’s face it, depending on the situation, it is something each and every one of us is working on.  But my real point was that some people who I have for a long time perceived in this way, are really showing me their true selves, and it isn’t pretty.  It has become clear to me, that while many of us are trying harder to avoid our “accidentally racist,” words and actions, others who have always seemed that they didn’t mean to make these slip ups, in fact just don’t want people to realize just how much hate and bigotry is inside them.


Be ever vigilant, and now more than ever, be willing to call people out on their racism, sexism, homophobia, islamophobia, and just about anything else. Intolerance is wholly intolerable…