Betsy Devos Wins, and People who uphold the constitution deemed wrong…

Well the travel ban has been halted, and that’s good. Especially good if a large number of people agree that Trump’s comments on the “so-called judge,” are inappropriate as the President of The United States, where Frederick Douglass is definitely not still alive, or he would have  a few choice words to say to Trump and his cronies.   The administration’s “feelings are hurt” by SNL again.  Farce and satire largely exist for political reasons since their creation, so Donald should take a deep breath, or even a well deserved nap and then speak. That’s all I can say.

Lady Gaga performed at the Superbowl and made everyone happy.  Good job.  So intolerance gets once more face-punched.

Betsy Devos won her appointment, so children everywhere can grow up and be dumb butts like her. But even if she completely destroys the education system, I doubt that would be humanly possible. Fingers crossed, as the world watches with bated breath…


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