What can I say? Day 5 of the new America

What can I say that isn’t already being said?  I mean there’s plenty if I’m honest and want to use alternative facts. If alternative facts were actual facts, I could just say, “I have enough money for the rest of my life,” “Trump and his new regime aren’t going to actually go ahead on the pipeline without anyone’s approval,”  “Tomi Lahren is a decent human being,” “Nickelback is the best band ever.”  Need I say more?  Alternative facts are not facts, they are lies. So not even being able to admit they are liars when they say things that have definite proof to be identified as falsehoods is one thing.  But saying you aren’t lying and using the phrase alternative facts is another. Give it a rest asswipes.  Like seriously.  We can see through you, but you can’t even look at us.  The American people are so set against y9u after less than a week, so what does that say about you?  The approval rating is the lowest I have seen in a long time.  Just quit already. You gave it a few days, but you’re already failing. So quit. Leave. Leave us alone.  Global gag rule is right.  It certainly is enough to make most decent human beings gag.  You’ve already made one executive order too many.  Tyrants have no home here, or anywhere.  If anyone has to wonder why we protest, why we rally together, tell people to keep hands off our pussies, remind everyone that black lives matter, tells us “he won, deal with it,” those people are a real part of the problem. Everyone agrees that the electoral college is unfair, yet tell us this was a fair and square outcome, when the system is rigged in the favor of hate and hate groups.  We need to wake up. We need to stand up. WE  NEED TO LISTEN, now more than ever.  Women have more rights here than in other parts of the world?  Shut up your self-righteous mouth for a minute and really listen to the words that come out of your mouth, listen to the hate that spews from your lips, and think, “Wow, this guy’s right, I do sound like a dumbass!”  Stop shrugging your shoulders as they poison the well, and reflect on Flint, and the people of Standing Rock.  This will happen to everyone’s water, not just in parts of America you aren’t from or may never visit. America isn’t perfect and it never has been, nor will it ever be, we know utopias aren’t real.  But the ones who hold the keys to America’s car is driving it off of the cliff with us in the passenger seats.  We risk losing so much, so before too many of our freedoms are stripped from us, before we are faced with the sight of the smoking gun,  before it is too much to bear, and too hard to fight back, we must yell loud and clear for all to hear, demonstrating our ultimate right as American citizens, that always gets underutilized by we the people.  “We have had ENOUGH of this bullshit!”


Donald Trump is A Swamp Monster

So now there’s proof that he is in fact an actual Swamp Monster.  I was watching an Episode from Season 7 of Supernatural, wherein a spunky and hilarious hacker, played by new Mom to be, Miss Felicia Day, hacks into personal emails belonging to the leader of the leviathans, Dick Roman.  He has dug up an artifact that if kept out of the Winchester’s hands will firmly cement their rule over all of humanity, and our use of us as livestock.  There is an email saying that the artifact is being delivered by use of a private jet supplied by none other than Mr. Trump. Coincidence?  I think not. “I knew it!” I couldn’t help but yell at the screen.  Of course this show is a fiction, but Season 7 was particularly spot on about the way the wind was blowing with the Good Old Party, including a far less than subtle jab at Monsanto, among other things.

Check out the show in its 11 and a half season glory, if you have yet to.

Look out they’re on their way….

I’ve Been Quiet, I know..

I’ve been quiet on here, if anyone might have noticed. But all this hoopla leading to the election, the election itself, the filling of the swamp that was apparently gettting drained, the electoral college and their dumb vote which keeps us from true democracy, Christmas, and being with the ones we love. I just wanted to live peacefully for a bit before the shit started to hit the fan. And Christmas is such a lovely time to spend with loved ones. Unless you are Donald Trump and get visited from three “rude” ghosts, one of which is probably really “yuuge.”  Just be glad 2016 saw such a great punk resurgence from some of the best punk bands that still exist.  The Pixies’ Head Carrier among them, can help us gear up for the fight of a lifetime.  Nazis and White Supremacists will soon inhabit the highest echelons of the American government, which is meant to be by the people, of the people and for the people.  I know the government has never been without its flaws, without its absurd protection of evil corporations as if they were individual people.

I’m sick of all the special snowflake nonsense that keeps floating around.  Our generation continually works their butts off to have their dreams slide down the waterfall and get dashed into pieces on the rocks again and again, without even mentioning the little amount of money that ever ever manages to find its way into our wallet. Sure, our modern world is full of unneeded expenses that previous generations didn’t have, like smartphones, unlimited internet access, social media mind traps, etc.  But the rise of the technology has not only helped make some people too numb to the world, but it has developed a dependence that was unforeseen.  Movies in the cloud, companies updating their info only on their fb pages, and needing the internet to get discovered as an artist anymore. It’s not fair certainly, but it does have its perks sometimes. If the masses can just get their heads out of their new asses known as snapchat for a few minutes, they will no longer be crippled by the technology that has developed a bizarre symbiosis with them.

Speaking of the music biz being the way it is, I will never stop buying records and CDs because the joy isn’t so readily available if I just download anything and everything. The thrill of opening a new cd, putting a newly acquired record under the needle, or the clicking noise a casette makes after it rewinds. The pop and the hiss, the electronic blips that CDs make, the hassle of respooling a messed up tape, beyondthe lyrics, or the sound of the vocals, or the unique sound of the instruments is really what makes listening to music and acquiring music a true joy.  Nobody savors a new single from a favorite band anymore, they just move onto the next new artist and leave it forgotten on the cutting room floor.  Not enough people buying albums or understanding the beauty of listening to it from the first to the last track. We need to increase our attention spans, grow our minds, become the person we have always been, instead of the person we don’t want to ever be just to get by.  Balance your work and your life, get back into music, listen to a new song daily, a favorite album daily, share a favorite band with someone daily. Give a complete stranger a mixtape, regardless of how they look at you.  Our art revolution is fun, and truly improves quality of life as well.

We aren’t robots, and we can’t afford to live in apathy right now.  So *gasp*, open a book, watch a movie more than ten years old, physically hold an album in your hand, do what you like and not what you don’t. Educate yourself against those who would take your rights away from you, so as not to willingly give them up. Learn about climate change, pay attention to the signs. Understand that fracking fracks up everyone’s drinking supply, it is poisoning our own well. Do your best to toss aside intolerant and discriminatory feelings. Empathy is key.  Put yourself in someone else’s shoes if it is the best way for you to see every side to a problem.

Let your voice be heard when you see injustice in all its forms. Don’t be led astray from your own deepest convictions. And if you have a dream, this is definitely the year you should seek it out.  These are the most uncertain times we have yet to experience, so let us experience it not with fear, which is a means to our control, but with hope, which is where true freedom is born….