Fall is always my favorite, so I was happy that Autumn this year is an actual thing, even with some weird hot days in the mix. I got to eat pumpkin flavored stuff, pick apples, and peep at leaves, like I always like to do.  I love being able to bundle myself up in hats and scarves, and my awesome glove/mittens.  As hot as it was for much of the summer, it is welcome to just be able to put on my hoodie which I couldn’t even do at night much at all this summer. And now here we are, the final week of October, Halloween coming up on Monday, and the air is full of winter chills. And I already got the jump on creating more Christmas ornaments for this year, I think it’s already too late to rent a table at a craft fair or Christmas bazaar, but depending on how many we can make, this might just be the year we get to sell these delightful shiny baubles to all the festive folks that are still out there. Moan and groan all you want, but Christmas doesn’t make you feel good?  I find that hard to believe. But once the election is come and gone, if Donald Trump wins we need all the joy and peace on Earth y’all can muster, or he wins more than just this election.  The nation is hanging on with bated breath, dreading such an outcome. And we will be hanging by our last thread if we aren’t careful in the coming days, so bring your A game in compassion and love, or people like that will win.

Happy Halloween to all.