When You Decide It’s Time To Watch a New Show on Netflix…

There is so much internal debating on whether to take a chance on something everyone has been raving about for years, or the latest original series that is currently trendworthy, or heading for parts unknown, and watching something nobody you know has ever talked about, it sometimes takes forever to even choose.  I’m sure everyone has been there.  You sit for an hour scrolling through movies and shows, and then you possibly give up and decide to do something else.

If you do make up your mind and pick from one of the three options I have just described, you are either in for a treat, or in for being bummed out by how awful or how boring something is.  You decide in your wisdom to pick a show that has been on for years, and you have always been encouraged to watch by those around you.  You watch the first episode, hoping that you like it, and hoping that if you don’t, that you can at least figure out how to avoid telling everybody you know just how dumb it was, or how much you hated it.  But hopefully you love it, because that makes everything easier.  Someone finding out you hate it will always decide that there’s something up with you for hating something everyone loves.  But what if you like it but don’t love it?  That’s even trickier.

Sometimes I’m left wanting more.  “That’s it?  And you think that’s the best show?”  I might say to my friend.  Everything being so hyped up and overblown, you already have been tainted so much by their reactions, that if you react differently it just makes you feel like some kind of pariah.

What if you pick the new, currently trending show?  If you hate it, well that’s okay, not enough people have watched it yet.  If you love it?  Well my friend, you are a trendsetter and an internet icon.  If you only just like it?  You’re actually a bigger contributor to the growing viewership by being one of the first to the punch.  Good job.

If you pick the untested route, you may start a new trend, or you’ll find something so awful, so terrible, so boring, that you might watch the first episode and do anything you can in your power to make sure nobody else can ever see it.

Tv watching in this day and age is a full time job, wouldn’t you say?



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