And In Regards To My Last Post…

My latest netflix binge is The Walking Dead.  I know what anyone reading this might be thinking:  Where have you been for the last five or six years?  I haven’t been anywhere other than in a world where I have yet to watch this show.  TV is watched differently than it used to be, now that everything can be streamed downloaded, bought on DVD.  If you don’t have cable you don’t watch most shows until they’ve been on for a while, and if you do have cable, you probably end up having to download it and watch it later anyway right? Or DVR it?  I don’t have cable, so I usually just wait to watch things all in one go when they appear on video, digital download, or streaming services such as Netflix.

If a show is hyped up to an extent that this show is, it’s harder for me to take the time to start watching it, or to get into it.  I’m too worried about what others’ reactions might be if I end up hating their beloved show, or if I end up loving something as much as someone else hates it.  TV seems to be a polarizing topic these days, more than actual issues.  In an election year, this probably isn’t a good thing, but that has nothing to do with what I’m writing about.

The Walking Dead is good, but I feel like the first couple episodes are a bit on the slow side for today’s average TV watcher.  But I”m glad something this edgy, this gritty, this violent, can become so popular.  Genre Television has never had such a good chance as it does these days to prosper.  And this show has everything: comedy, car chases, blood and guts, touching family drama, medical procedures gone wrong, people struggling to survive after the end of the world, and gorgeous scenery.

Zombies are all the rage, so it’s no wonder that the zombie phenomenon that keeps building momentum with no end in sight is crafted with quite the clever amount of brain work.


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