When Leominster Gives You Lemons

Our trivia team, The Leominster Lemons delivered a major upheaval to the rankings last night at Rye and Thyme, right in the heart of this little city.  The first half went well, never being too many points away from the other teams, never missing more than a small point value question here and there, and answering most things correctly at the half time bonus.  The second half, even some of our better thought through answers were failures.  Given it’s just a game and it’s fun, or we wouldn’t do it, but it’s still kind of a buzzkill when your performance drops so much.

The end of the game bonus question rears its head after it has been brought to our attention that we have gone from third or fourth place to sixth and last place.  There wasn’t much of a turnout this night compared to last week, so we could have been worse off.  Right?  We got the final question entirely correct and wagered the largest point value we could, and pulled from last to second, a bit dumbfounded I must say.  But it was a thrill to deliver such an upset, and to enjoy cheesecake and beer at one of the best restaurants in town.


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