Kidney Stones Are Uncool

Believe me, I’m not an intolerant or prejudiced person by any means, but Kidney Stones are horrible horrible things.  And they deserve to not be inside anyone’s bodies.  I had a bout with them a few weeks ago, and let’s just say I was in a great amount of discomfort and full of bad feelings at the world for a couple weeks.   The first week was full of excruciating pain, drugged out stupor, lots and lots of movies, peeing a lot, drinking a lot of water, peeing even more, reading entire books in a day and sleeping.  While some of those are great things, some of those aren’t great things. And I missed seeing Dirty Heads and Sublime With Rome, which I bought the second the concert lineup was announced, months and months ago.  Oh well, better to be able to move around and be awesome again, than to not be right?  Missing a concert four hours away is really the best case scenario in all of this.  The stone couldn’t pass on its own, long story short, they had to stick something inside me and do some sort of business with a laser, I really don’t want to know more than I have to.  But to add insult to horrible pain, I had something inserted in my urethra, and getting that removed a week after my stone was removed, is an experience I don’t wish on anyone, not to mention one of the most embarrassing things ever.

Oh and another thing, who goes to med school and says, “I think I’ll focus on urology!” ?

The answer is, my urologist I guess….


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