Boston Calling Day 3

At long last, I can tell y’all about the final day of Boston Calling, which was a phenomenal ending to an amazing weekend, not to mention that instead of sweating to death we were actually a bit chilly.  Which worked in everyone’s favor, if you ask me.

The Vaccines were pretty cool in their classic punk vibe, and their awesome energy, and and pure appreciation of the crowd.  Again this was a case of us showing up a bit late, so we didn’t get to pay the utmost attention to it, but what we saw rocked pretty hard.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra was pretty interesting, but certainly nothing too memorable in comparison with what was to come, except maybe Vince Staples, which really didn’t move me much at all.  And then there was Charles Bradley and His Extraordinaires, certainly the oldest and most soulful act in presence, but they had incredible energy, and amazing stage presence.  To see a soul legend surrounded by so many contemporary, more modern sounding artists was great.

My most anticipated performance of the day was The Front Bottoms, who bring a gutter punk sound from Jersey, which is also filled with heart and killer hooks, and a real fun stage presence makes them pretty damn awesome in real life.  Funny, crass, and good at driving a crowd, they did nothing but impress.  Elle King brought her smoky, hillbilly blend of folk, rock and sheer awesomeness to the red stage, and really kept up the witty banter throughout her set, most memorably saying how hard it was to keep her pants on during Charles Bradley.  She also destroyed my shoes, because of how hard I was dancing to the tail end of her set.

Janelle Monae can surely do it all: command a stage, move a crowd, and boost a positive message of social justice, all while getting us to dance our asses off.  That being said, since Disclosure was ending the night, we had to take a breather during Haim, but we still saw their entire set, and they truly blew my mind.  The point where all three of them were playing the drums togethr was beyond awesome, not to mention their stage setup was terrific.  I don’t think anyone  there could play their instruments half as well as they did, and that’s saying a lot considering how amazing everyone was.

Disclosure do more than just the typical dj set, with a guy standing in front of a laptop and just pushing a button every once in a while.  They both had their own set up much the way that Chromeo did last year, with synthesizers, drums and keyboards.  Most of the singing was pre-programmed, but some of it was live.  But almost all the sounds other than this were live.  Not to mention how awesome their light show, and the media going across the screen non-stop was.  To end in a full on dance party was terrific, even if I could barely move the entire time.  It’s surely another Boston Calling for the record books,  not to mention all the free kind bars that I snagged, always a plus in addition to an amazing weekend, and the most fun you will have in Boston.


It may be somewhere else next year, but it will have all of the heart and all of the fun, and that’s a plus.Boston Calling in Allston, you know I’ll be there!!


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