Boston Calling Day 2

So Saturday, still high off of the fumes of the amazingness that was Sia’s performance, we set  out for  City Hall Plaza for a jam packed day of even more musical fun.  We arrived just as Christine and The Queens were finishing their set, but what little we did see was astounding.  She truly knows how to command the stage, and the coreographed dancing was flawless.  The fact that everybody was wearing the same outfit also added to the spectacle.  And everyone cheered at her pronouncement that “Everyone should be allowed to be whoever they feel like being or who they believe they are.”  A positive message, an energetic set, and an overabundance for love of all the attendees at Boston Calling really made this a good way to start the day.

A brief detour was made to the new comedy tent, where we saw the amazing Lamont Price, who shared thoughts on how much it sucked to be a kid without a Nintendo.  It was insightful, nostalgic, and hilarious.  We also got to see the very funny Kelly Mcfarland.  The best thing about these two comedians was just how natural they were with their delivery, and were genuinely funny without resorting to gimmicks.

Borns blew me away with their Electric Love, and the lead singers incredible ability to wear woman’s clothing better than a lot of women.  Bravo to you sir.  It was retro, it was fresh, and it was crazy fun.  The energy of the crowd was terrific, and the band was tight. Their command of the stage and their ability to work the crowd added them to the list of bands to expect great things from, and added to a great list of Boston Calling memorable performances.  City and Colour was stellar, and really brought so much emotion and feeling to his set, that even waiting in front of the Blue stage during his set, it never felt for a second that we were really missing anything.

And then came the time for Miike Snow, and his brilliant blend of Indie Rock, R and B, EDM, and many other things.  He was very funny, and very lively for someone just getting over bronchitis.  I guess his ever present tea cup really paid off, because his vocals never faltered for a second, and neither did his terrific stage presence.  I found myself hanging on every word, dancing up a storm to every tune, and yelling my head off singing along to the lovely song Animal, which I remember fondly from every basement college party I ever attended.

It being so hot, I didn’t really pay nearly as much attention as I had wanted to on Odesza and Robyn, not to mention that we were super excited for a few of the Sunday artists, but what little we stuck around for of Robyn was pretty good as well, including her one-legged  pants.






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