Boston Calling Day One

Sia was absolutely incredible.  Or rather she was INCREDIBLE!  The girl with an elastic heart who swings from a chandelier, who only cries when her heart is breaking, who is unstoppable, is truly one of the most fascinating artists I have ever witnessed live, and especially in the last few years, I have seen a lot of memorable acts, especially over my three previous Boston Callings, my many forays into The Green River Festival and all the other awesome stuff I have experienced, but never anything quite like this.  For a singer who refuses to show her face when she performs she is surprisingly compelling, and the facelessness is only part of it.  I also don’t think Sia can make a bad song either, but that’s neither here nor there.  Even though there wasn’t a band supporting her, or at least that we could say, there was nothing lacking.  It was solid gold, truly worthy of headliner status.  She just stood there and sang, while modern dance magic happened before our eyes, even featuring celebrity guests no less.  Now that is cool.  There were ever present, the feelings of not being good enough, of feeling alone, or useless, of feeling like something was holding you back, represented in an omnipresent pair of disembodied hands draped over someone’s shoulder.  There was also some fancy camera projection work, the likes of which I have never seen in person.  The music truly came alive before our eyes, it was like watching a live music video unfold.  To be able to transcend an art form, to be able to not just feel the music, but to see it, that is something I will never forget.  Day two awaits right now, so I will be back at a later time to discuss my thoughts on that.



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