Yet Another Interesting Album by Radiohead

It’s certainly more an In Rainbows kind of album then a King of Limbs kind of album.  I think it has the most in common with Kid A or maybe Amnesiac, but a little more ethereal.  It’s more spacy, and it doesn’t float out of my head the way King Of Limbs did and still does.  It’s definitely not a return to their more raucous territory the way Hail To The Thief was, and it’s certainly not radio radio the way the first couple albums were.  But at it’s heart it is Radiohead through and through, especially in the fact that you can’t pin at down as one thing, or similar to a specific thing.  It’s definitely a return to a more lyrical approach, and a more densely instrumented sound. I know I used that wrong, but anyone reading gets the idea.  My first listen has sort of relegated this to background noise, but I really love what I here.  And the guitar work is just as gorgeous as anything off of Ok Computer was.  The song, “Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor Rich Man Poor Man Beggar Thief,”  reminds me a lot of “Pyramid Song,” or even “Paranoid Android,” but even then it’s still something that can’t be pinned down, because I’m hearing shades of “Reckoner,” “15 step,” and others all inside this one track.  “Burn The Witch” is like a mellower “Hail To The Thief” track. “Daydreaming” would feel right at home on Kid A, but also sounds like it would fit as a B-side to King of Limbs or In Rainbows. “Desert Island Disk,” sounds like something you might hear on an album by Alt-J, who many have called the new Radiohead oddly enough.  But it also would fit perfectly in between any two tracks off of Ok Computer. “Full Stop” is really the closest thing there is on here to a straight up rock track.  But here is where Radiohead never ceases to confuse me.  Almost every track on here, not only the ones I mentioned could fit pretty much anywhere in the middle of Radiohead’s very eclectic song catalog from the past 20 plus years So my question to you is this:  how many of these are brand new tracks, as opposed to bits and pieces of the past as it were?  When you listen to music you are listening to the past anyway, just like when you see the moon’s reflection.  The name of the album is A Moon Shaped Pool, so maybe that is part of the concept of this concept album.  And oddly enough, the album ends with a re-working of a song that has been part of their catalog for a number of years, but has never once appeared on any of their studio albums.  They truly know how to come full circle.

Bottoms Up!


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