Record Store DAY!

Saturday was Record Store Day, and it is a day I always have fun going to the Record Store, regardless of if I want to get, or can afford to get any of the special items sold exclusively for this event.  In the past, I have always made a purchase on record store, but have only ever once bought a record store day exclusive, which was at least a few years ago when I bought a limited edition green vinyl of a Sigur Ros album.  And who wouldn’t splurge for Sigur Ros?  Don’t answer that, I know a lot of people wouldn’t.  But it’s the ultimate ambient chill out music, and it’s oh so pretty, and it helps to soothe and to focus, to equally amp up and mellow out.  That’s what I call good music.  But this year, I found myself really interested in a lot of the exclusives, but instead I just bought Sturgill Simpson’s new album, “A Sailor’s Guide to Earth,” on some exquisite blue vinyl.  Simpson is an amazing traditional country styled vocalist, who seamlessly blends classic R and B sounds, country and western of the traditional and modern sorts, and lots of fun instrumentation and a generous use of ambient noise.  The new album is brilliant, it’s beautiful, sad, happy, and all around fun, it also includes to most pleasant sounding Nirvana cover you could ever imagine of “In Bloom,”  I urge you to go check it out.


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