My First Red Sox Game

On Friday we made a spur of the moment decision to pick up tickets to The Red Sox Blue Jays game at Fenway.  Anyone who knows me in real life knows I’ve never really been much of a sports fan.  It was never cool to be such a thing where I’m from, bur more than that, we were cast into groups based on our main interests back in High School, and a lot of the sports people back then were dumb jocks, who we really didn’t want anything to do with.  We’ve all been there, done that I guess.  But in recent time, I get really fired up over Boston, I don’t know why, but I do.  Or it’s part of growing up, realizing you can be into all kinds of things that may seem contradictory of one another.  But back to actually going to the game, almost every time we go to Boston, we end up walking in the general area of Fenway, whether it be browsing all the fun stuff at guitar center, a show at the House of Blues, or a trip to The Boston Beer Works, or also crazy ass photo ops.  So the next logical step, especially considering how much Mary used to(still does), love the Red Sox, and how long it’s been since she’s gone to a game, was to actually set foot within the perimeters of the park.  Now, the first thing I can think of as we wander through the concourse, and find ourselves out in the seating area is, “she totally told me this was a small park, it’s gigantic.”  That in and of itself gets me pumped up, more eager to really indulge and immerse myself in America’s favorite pastime.

Equipped with new hats from the team store, we were ready to rock at the good old game.  The teams were evenly matched, and it would have been a satisfying game no matter the outcome, regardless of what some hardcore fans might think.  I got to experience the best and the worst of Red Sox Nation as I could gather by listening to the people around me.  It was Jackie Robinson day, so everyone on each team all had the number 42 on their shirts, but considering where we were seated, everyone looked more or less the same anyways.  I felt like Harry Potter at the Quidditch cup a few times when I looked around for just a second and realized I missed a strike out or a super awesome pitch.  I sometimes had to ask for clarification of what I was seeing, but all in all, I think the thing that I really like about baseball, now that I will consider myself more of a fan, other than the tasty overpriced hotdogs, is how much simpler it is than a lot of other sports, as far as rules and plays, etc.  A lot of sports are too complicated for my attention, but baseball is user friendly and fun, to watch and to play.



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