These Shoes Aren’t Made For Walking

Shoes are made for memories if you ask me.  I wrote a poem once about my purple chucks because they lasted my entire college career and beyond, full of memories, full of life experience, the good the bad, and the awesome as it were.  All the lonely moments, all the drunken college blunders, the first day of class, and the finals, and imprinted in the soles of those shoes, the memory of every twist and turn of the streets of Keene.  Parties, quiet nights at my desk, outings.  But they sure don’t make ’em like they used to.  Well my job would seem to suggest that.  The majority of shoes I sell seem like things that a woman could barely get away with wearing for five minutes, let alone, hold up for years.  Most are flimsy and cheaply made, and primed for falling apart, and almost all are made in the same factories, secretly made by the same company.  And what gets me is that the most expensive ones are either the least comfortable, (I don’t know from experience, just saying) or the cheapest looking ones.  Why is that?  I never overspend on shoes, not even ones I really love or loved, like my aforementioned purple shoes, but those stayed alive for five years, and I know that I didn’t wear them every single day.  But I hardly ever have a pair of shoes that lasts six months, even if I alternate between a couple pairs.  Don’t you want to buy something that will hold up for a good long time?  Shoes for weddings, proms and recitals excepted I guess. I personally hardly ever wear anything outside of the sneaker variety, so maybe I am the least qualified person to give an opinion here, but I really don’t understand, and sometimes it is hard working where I work to really pretend I know what the hell I’m talking about.


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