I’m starting to find more time..

I’m getting better at my time management it would seem.  I’m finally managing to squeeze in meaningful and beneficial things between my working hours.  Whether it be my blogs, checking out employment, giving my girlfriend encouragement in her own job searching, jamming out to some good tunes, reading, or taking a walk.  I’m feeling more relaxed, more at peace, more myself, and less a ball of stress, or an anxious mess.  I’m here telling you this, because I think if the quality of my life is improving, and my time management skills are improving, then my blogs will also improve.  But you dear reader, if you have been following me at all, I feel like you will read it regardless. It’s rainy and gross, but I’m not down.  I have my new computer my good tunes, and a regained sense of equilibrium and it’s great if you ask me.  Today’s blogs brought to you by the sounds of Sia.

Bottoms Up!


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