A Memo

Attention DumbButt Motorists,

Just because you have a death wish, doesn’t mean that me and everyone else on the road does as well.  If crashing your fucking car is what you desire, do so when I’m not driving in front of, beside  or behind you.  Thanks a lot for that.  Keep at least one of your hands on the wheel, I mean seriously.  Stop at stop signs, and stop tailgating people in the off ramps.  Another thing:  If there is only one lane, or you know one of the lanes is ending, enter the other lane sooner, because it just makes it harder for the rest of us, and if there is only one lane, stop driving like there’s two lanes there, because there aren’t.  You may think me a real sack of shit for having to say this, but if you are an insufferable asshat, I don’t think you should be allowed to have a driver’s license.

Bottoms Up!


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