In Like A Lion? April Foolish

March went in like a Lambish Lion and out like a lionish lamb!  And April has come in like a Lioness in heat.  She can’t make up her mind on which male lion is worthy of her attention I guess.  We had Friday at 70 degrees, playing frisbee outside and amazing sunny day fun,  and later crazy ass pouring rain.  Saturday was rainy and 50, ending with a very late night snowfall, and yesterday was 30 degrees all day.  Today is snow snow snow.  You’d think it was February to look outside.  The roads are utter shite, and the salt trucks appeared at the point when they could no longer do much good.  All I can say is that I wish places of work would still pay you if you have to call off because of weather.  Oh well!  But let’s see what kind of animal April seems like as it progresses.  You’ll be sure to hear it from me.


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