The Day That It Rained…

“It’s stupid out again,” Mary said this morning as she rubbed the sleep from her eyes.  Of course I agreed.  It did look stupid out.  It looked a lot like yesterday, but today it actually was raining.  So today was a legit raining rainy day, unlike yesterday, the rainy day that coulda, woulda, shoulda been.  And seeing as I’m not usually off on Monday, today felt like a Monday, simply because it was stupid out. But what was really stupid to me?  It’s the end of April, and I realized, that we really haven’t had all that much in the way of April showers, besides a few real downpours scattered here and there.  What was also stupid was that, it was only 30 something degrees. I mean, seriously, what the fuck is going on here?  I had work, so I could care less on a day of work, what it’s like outside, but still, it doesn’t always help my mood, if it’s a day that looks best spent, curled in a ball on the couch, with a book or the tv on.  But anyways, that’s really all I have to say about that. But enjoy some rainy day music…


I know it’s tuesday, but..

And of Course, given what has just happened..


The Day It Didn’t Rain…

Today has been everything that you equate with a rainy day.  It’s dark, it’s cold, and it’s downright gloomy and depressing looking outside.  I took a walk, but it wasn’t like the “Oh My God, I can’t wait to get out and just wander around in the sunshine,” kind of walk of the last week or so.  It was more like the, “I better do something that’s considered exercise,” sort of walk.  But I did also blog today, this being the third post I’ve done.  So it’s not like today was a loss.  But, it was hard to get started on stuff today, or to really want to be anything other than a couch potato.  Is it still not raining?  You bet.  But it’s still gross out as we come closer to nightfall.  In Mary’s words, “It’s stupid out.”  But that’s fine, because it’s not all that stupid inside right now, with some Pixies playing on ITunes, and me tap tap tapping away on this keyboard on my new computer.  It’s a glorious day you could say.  But, I’d go out on a limb and suggest that it’s just an average day. But all things are relative as they say, and whether or not we do something amazing and incredible every single day, the adventure is life itself.  Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

I insist.

My Girlfriend Is Still, Still, Awesome

Her birthday is coming up, and we usually have a bit more time/money to do things.  And she did something truly amazing for my birthday, which she wouldn’t have done if she knew what was to come in the months following, so I put this out here:  In lieu of a present this year, if you feel so inclined, if you give a single dollar to her campaign, she and I will get you back somehow in your hour of need.  We are good people like that.

Birthday Wishes?

Prince Is Dead

And that makes me sad.  To lose Prince and Bowie in the same year should be against the laws of the world.  But who’s to say it was their times or not.  The universe must have a reason I guess. But maybe we can remember Prince, for his endless talent, and super awesome music, but if not fans, to embrace that which is most important to us, those things that drive us, those things that really get us moving and grooving, and put just as much soul into it, as people like him put into their music, and maybe, just maybe, more of us will be happier people for it. Maybe we will better realize our full potentials.  But remember whatever you think, that anyone who dies at their height, or dies doing what they love, has truly lived a full and fulfilling life, whether they were taken from this plane too soon or not.  Never forget.

The song by Prince, “I Will Die For You,” was oddly enough, stuck in my head for the entire week leading up to the fall of our beloved Purple icon.  Was it premonition, or just appreciation for an amazing song that was older than me?  One may never know the answer to this, just like we may never know the answer to some of the questions I’ve already asked in this post, and in some prior to this.  But all I know is this.  We will never forget someone if we even only somewhat liked what they created for our use.

Record Store DAY!

Saturday was Record Store Day, and it is a day I always have fun going to the Record Store, regardless of if I want to get, or can afford to get any of the special items sold exclusively for this event.  In the past, I have always made a purchase on record store, but have only ever once bought a record store day exclusive, which was at least a few years ago when I bought a limited edition green vinyl of a Sigur Ros album.  And who wouldn’t splurge for Sigur Ros?  Don’t answer that, I know a lot of people wouldn’t.  But it’s the ultimate ambient chill out music, and it’s oh so pretty, and it helps to soothe and to focus, to equally amp up and mellow out.  That’s what I call good music.  But this year, I found myself really interested in a lot of the exclusives, but instead I just bought Sturgill Simpson’s new album, “A Sailor’s Guide to Earth,” on some exquisite blue vinyl.  Simpson is an amazing traditional country styled vocalist, who seamlessly blends classic R and B sounds, country and western of the traditional and modern sorts, and lots of fun instrumentation and a generous use of ambient noise.  The new album is brilliant, it’s beautiful, sad, happy, and all around fun, it also includes to most pleasant sounding Nirvana cover you could ever imagine of “In Bloom,”  I urge you to go check it out.

My First Red Sox Game

On Friday we made a spur of the moment decision to pick up tickets to The Red Sox Blue Jays game at Fenway.  Anyone who knows me in real life knows I’ve never really been much of a sports fan.  It was never cool to be such a thing where I’m from, bur more than that, we were cast into groups based on our main interests back in High School, and a lot of the sports people back then were dumb jocks, who we really didn’t want anything to do with.  We’ve all been there, done that I guess.  But in recent time, I get really fired up over Boston, I don’t know why, but I do.  Or it’s part of growing up, realizing you can be into all kinds of things that may seem contradictory of one another.  But back to actually going to the game, almost every time we go to Boston, we end up walking in the general area of Fenway, whether it be browsing all the fun stuff at guitar center, a show at the House of Blues, or a trip to The Boston Beer Works, or also crazy ass photo ops.  So the next logical step, especially considering how much Mary used to(still does), love the Red Sox, and how long it’s been since she’s gone to a game, was to actually set foot within the perimeters of the park.  Now, the first thing I can think of as we wander through the concourse, and find ourselves out in the seating area is, “she totally told me this was a small park, it’s gigantic.”  That in and of itself gets me pumped up, more eager to really indulge and immerse myself in America’s favorite pastime.

Equipped with new hats from the team store, we were ready to rock at the good old game.  The teams were evenly matched, and it would have been a satisfying game no matter the outcome, regardless of what some hardcore fans might think.  I got to experience the best and the worst of Red Sox Nation as I could gather by listening to the people around me.  It was Jackie Robinson day, so everyone on each team all had the number 42 on their shirts, but considering where we were seated, everyone looked more or less the same anyways.  I felt like Harry Potter at the Quidditch cup a few times when I looked around for just a second and realized I missed a strike out or a super awesome pitch.  I sometimes had to ask for clarification of what I was seeing, but all in all, I think the thing that I really like about baseball, now that I will consider myself more of a fan, other than the tasty overpriced hotdogs, is how much simpler it is than a lot of other sports, as far as rules and plays, etc.  A lot of sports are too complicated for my attention, but baseball is user friendly and fun, to watch and to play.


My Girlfriend is Still Awesome

Update on my girlfriend’s fund campaign:  An anonymous donor appeared and made the first contribution to her cause, sending with their donation a message saying that us not of the 1% must make a stand in a show of solidarity with one another against such injustices made by the haves against the have nots.  Her story, and what happened to her are a perfect example of everything that is wrong with the system.  But the more of us willing to stand against such things will cement the truth of the matter.  We are winning, one way or another we are winning, against corporate greed, against partisan politics, against discrimination and intolerance wherever they lie.  There may be naysayers among us, people who choose to believe the system must stand simply because it has, unchecked for so long.  But I tell you my friends, it doesn’t have to, it never has to, be that way.  Rise up and let your voice be heard, in this year where it is more important than ever to keep our eyes and ears open to the truth.

And no pressure of course, but here is that link again…