Heading Straight for The Castle…

It doesn’t hurt to ever just reach for it, does it?  Think realistically they say.  What does that even mean?  Grow up, they say.  Growing up is not defined as a decision to give up on everything that matters to us.  I am a goddamn shoe salesman, and you think that’s where I stop?  You’ve got another thing coming my friend.  I am a writer, a dreamer, most importanly, a doer, a living being, not some zombie burnout.  Don’t sell yourself short, ever.  There are now more people than ever who will fight to decrease your quality of life, to pour salt in the wounds of our broken system.  Even now there are people who will pretend to know your pain, or your situation, to think they know what’s best for you, without bothering to know you, or talk to you or even figure out whatever is the matter.  But I am hear to tell you, even at the bottom like I am, they want you to give up, so just don’t.  What do you really want to do with your life?  You are not just a meat computer, you are you, and that is beautiful, let your fuckin’ freak flag fly!


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