Heart-Shaped Box

I just finished reading Joe Hill’s enticing ghost story, “Heart-Shaped Box,”  a book that follows an aging rock god, by the very punny name of Judas Coyne in the events following his purchase of a dead man’s suit.  Well technically he bought the suit, as well as the ghost of the man who owned it.  And as we learn the details of just how this suit came to be in his possession, we just want to keep reading it and reading it until we are done.  Joe Hill is great at setting up a narrative, a gift for prose certainly inherited from his father, one Stephen King, and surprisingly good at making realistic characters within the framework of the utterly fantastic.  His books: Horns and NOS4A2 are also well worth a read if you are at all intrigued by this book.  The action is non-stop, the story never gets tired until the last page, and the premise of a haunted suit is surprisingly clever.  I know ghost stories are a dime a dozen, but good ghost stories are much harder to come by.  This is one of those. Check it out at your local library and or bookstore.  Yes, reading is still cool.


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