Someone posted

an amazing picture on the internet today of a person holding a picket sign bearing the words:  “Trump is a Nickelback fan,” I’d say it would be enough to encourage his voters to reconsider, but seeing as all five of them are probably the remaining fans of said band it’s hard to tell.  But then again, I think they might be Canadian, and Trump supporters hate Canadians because Ted Cruz is Canadian himself. Oops.  Btw Canada is an amazing place full of great, friendly people, clean air, lots of trees, and at least a few people that speak French.  Visit it, you’ll be glad you did.


Heart-Shaped Box

I just finished reading Joe Hill’s enticing ghost story, “Heart-Shaped Box,”  a book that follows an aging rock god, by the very punny name of Judas Coyne in the events following his purchase of a dead man’s suit.  Well technically he bought the suit, as well as the ghost of the man who owned it.  And as we learn the details of just how this suit came to be in his possession, we just want to keep reading it and reading it until we are done.  Joe Hill is great at setting up a narrative, a gift for prose certainly inherited from his father, one Stephen King, and surprisingly good at making realistic characters within the framework of the utterly fantastic.  His books: Horns and NOS4A2 are also well worth a read if you are at all intrigued by this book.  The action is non-stop, the story never gets tired until the last page, and the premise of a haunted suit is surprisingly clever.  I know ghost stories are a dime a dozen, but good ghost stories are much harder to come by.  This is one of those. Check it out at your local library and or bookstore.  Yes, reading is still cool.

A round of applause…

Dear Beyonce,

I am proud of you for creating yet another awesome track.  And I just felt I had to say something based off of all the dumb people on the internet freaking out about the message of your new song.  I’m glad that you are proud to be exactly who and what you are, and that whoever is losing their shit over the positive message of your new song, is not proud of exactly who and what they are.  Rock on!

From The Bottom

Strange Days indeed…

Well, the Deadpool movie finally came out?  Yeah, here I go stating a fact everyone knows.  Was it actually good?  Yes.  Was it crass, irreverent, offensive and tugging at the heart-strings, and tickling to the funny bone?  You bet.  Anyone who was offended really did it to themselves.  If you know a single thing about the “merc with a mouth,”you are most likely aware of his potty humor, or his capacity to tear off his own limbs to make a mistake.  You got exactly what you paid for.  But there are a lot of people that will not bat an eye to my dear friend Mr. Wade Wilson, one of the most interesting comic book characters of the nineties and 2000’s.  But real flesh and blood people, like Trump, or Ted Cruz will say a whole bunch of monstrous things, and someone will say, “Well at least he speaks his mind.”  And believe me when I say, if Deadpool was a real person, he’d be a more viable candidate for presidency.  And seeing as Deadpool is Canadian, just like Ted Cruz, he could totally be allowed to run as well, based on whatever rule allows Ted to run.  And here is another point to pay attention to.  Why can someone live the majority of their life in this country, be a citizen from childhood or their adolescence on, and not be allowed a crack at the most important job in the country?  If you ask me, that’s complete and utter bullshit.  To become a citizen, you have to answer questions that we probably never even learned the answers to in school?  How many presidents do you know the names of?  And even if you can name a lot of them, how many of them can you tell me info about?  I know you can’t really answer this except in a lovely comment down below, but like my aforementioned comic book friend, I believe in busting down the fourth wall very strongly.  Also, whenever your respective state has its primary, go ahead and vote for the only candidate that has a platform beneficial to all, or for whomsoever you wish,  but just remember Bernie points out actual problems, while Donald and folks like him stand on a platform promising to bring more problems to America.  That is all I have to say on that…

Mic Drop!